PG&E power outages leave about 400,000 customers without power

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关于 400,000 PG&E customers lost power because of high winds between Feb. 9 and 10, but conditions did not meet the threshold for issuing a Public Safety Power Shutoff, or PSPS.

是虽然风速接近于2019年10月,燃料和土壤湿度水平高到足以被减少野火的潜在危险, making a PSPS unnecessary, according to a PG&E press release. The outages that occurred were largely due to fallen trees, debris and branches.

“Back in October (2019), it was us proactively shutting off power because we knew a wind event was going to be coming,” said PG&E spokesperson Tamar Sarkissian. “That’s why we proactively shut off the power to make sure that our customers and the communities we serve are safe, so it’s really different realms.”

In addition to the 国家气象服务 advising of strong winds, PG&E meteorologists forecast high wind activity and expected power outages during the weekend, according to the press release. On Feb. 7, PG&E sent out a news release and used social media to inform customers of the weather and provide safety tips.

More than 800 PG&E personnel prepared for and responded to the power outages and damage caused by Sunday’s winds, according to the release. While on the scene, PG&E’s crews found hundreds of fallen power lines and several broken poles.

Additionally, 17 local emergency centers were opened throughout PG&E service areas to ensure efficient responses to emergencies, Sarkissian said in an email.

在那里,虽然没有紧急通知,校园和城市,学生事务那校园官员说操作花园村公寓在2月晚间建设失去电源。 9功率恢复在上午03点在二月。 10,根据校园发言人珍妮特·吉尔摩

All PG&E customers impacted by the high wind activity had their power restored by Feb. 10, and all associated damage has been fixed, according to Sarkissian.

Unlike last weekend’s power outages, which were caused by winds damaging PG&E infrastructure, the October 2019 power outages were because of a PSPS, Sarkissian said in an email. The strong fall winds coupled with dry conditions met the PG&E criteria to shut off power as a safety precaution to reduce the risk of wildfires.

Compared to October 2019, when PG&E issued power shut-offs, the wind speeds from last weekend were weaker on a macro scale, according to warning coordination meteorologist Brian Garcia.

During the October 2019 PSPS, the same emergency centers that were open to PG&E personnel were available seven days a week for 24 hours a day, Sarkissian said in an email. Additionally, numerous customer resource centers were available in PSPS-affected locations to supply customers with charging stations, snacks and restrooms, among other resources and amenities.

“风可以是一个致命的力量遭遇的地方,包括海湾地区,说:”加西亚在一封电子邮件。 “这是很重要的保持天气做好准备并注意从国家气象局和任何官方手表,顾问,或警告的官方预测。”

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